Terms and Conditions

Kindifarm employees or representatives are not responsible for the care or supervision of children at any time.

Children under the age of 18 years must be supervised by an adult at all times when participating in Kindifarm. Any child who is not supervised by an adult to the satisfaction of the Kindifarm employee will not be allowed to participate in Kindifarm activities.

Any child or adult who, in the opinion of any employee or representative of Kindifarm, is deemed to be overly disruptive or behaving unsafely will be required to leave the Kindifarm area immediately.

Animal behaviour  is unpredictable and there are inherent risks associated with handling and feeding animals; such as occasional scratches, bites and poops.

Sheep shearing and whip cracking may be offered as a free activity when you make a booking with Kindifarm. However, in order for these activities to be offered Kindifarm requires dry weather, an area 4m x 4m minimum with no height restrictions; and all children to be safely supervised and seated for these demonstrations. Whether or not the conditions are suitable for sheep shearing and whip cracking will be at the decided at the discretion of the Kindifarm employee.

Booking amendments or cancellations due to weather or for any reason, must be made a minimum of 4 hours prior to the start time; otherwise a $150 late cancellation fee will be charged. Please call us on 0415 708 708 should you wish to postpone, or cancel with a refund.

Accounts must be paid in full 2 weeks before the date of your Kindifarm booking unless otherwise agreed in writing. Failure to pay your account by this date may result in Kindifarm not attending and any monies already paid being surrendered to Kindifarm.

PLEASE NOTE: customers with overdue accounts are liable for debt collection costs in addition.

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