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A very special Kindifarm visit

James won a free Kindifarm party in a colouring in competition. We were thrilled to hear it was the best party he had ever had! We recieved this lovely message from his mother, Samantha:

“I have had several emails and texts from James’ party goers saying how much they enjoyed being part of the Kindifarm party because it was fun for both adults and children! For some children, this was the first time they’d ever been able to pat chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, pigs – even a cow!

As for my son, James, this was a party he will always remember. He loved it so much, he tried to get into the Kindifarm truck back to the farm!

The Kindifarm handler, Richard, was so kind and caring to the all the children. He made sure everyone had a turn of holding and feeding the many animals.”

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