Kindifarm’s calves are very friendly.

They are dairy calves and mostly have Jersey or Fresian breeding. These breeds tend to have very long and lean bodies. Its only as they grow older that they start to look more rounded.

Freisian Calf
Fresian Calf
Jersey Calf
Jersey Calf







Interesting Cow facts:

  • Cows drink about a bathtub of water a day.
  • It takes 2 days for cows to process grass into milk.
  • A cow can produce about 100 glasses of milk each day.
  • Cows have a single stomach, but four digestive compartments. When they are grazing, cows swallow the grass and mix it with water in their rumen. It is then swallowed into the reticulum and squashed into cuds. Each cud is burped back into the mouth and chewed about 60 times for a minute! The mushed cud goes into the omasum, and then the abomasums. It is now ready to enter the bloodstream and keep the cow healthy and strong.
  • An average cow moves its jaw more than 40,000 times a day.
  • A cow spends six hours eating and eight hours chewing its cud each day
  • Cows do not bite grass; they curl their tongue around it.
  • 450kg cow will produce 3.7tons of manure each year
  • A group of 12 or more cows is called a flink
  • A cow can climb up the stairs, but cannot climb down. This is because her knees cannot bend properly.
  • A cow stands up and sits down about 14 times a day.
  • Cows have almost total 360-degree panoramic vision.
  • Cows have an acute sense of smell and can smell something up to 10kms away!

Jonathan Balcombe tells of the friendship between a cow and a leopard in a village in India. Apparently when they meet the the cow licks the leopard in its neck and head. They are now good friends and the leopard visits the cow regularly!