Ducks & Ducklings

Kindifarm Ducks are very outgoing and noisy! Breeds include the following:

Rouen Ducks
Rouen Ducks
Domestic Ducks
Domestic Ducks

We also have baby Ducklings available

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Interesting duck facts:

  • Most Kindifarm ducks are a breed called ‘Pekin’.
  • Ducks have webbed feet that help them swim.
  • Ducks feet don’t have nerves or blood vessels, so they cannot feel the cold, even in icy cold water.
  • Ducks have water-proof feathers. Underneath the water-proof feathers are soft fluffy feathers called down, that keeps the duck warm. Feel how soft our ducks are to pat!
  • Did you know that ducks can turn their heads backwards to preen themselves?
  • A ducks mouth is called a ‘bill’. Ducks eat plants, seeds, grass and small insects. The holes in the ducks bill that it breaths through are called nares.
  • Ducks don’t have teeth. They swallow their food whole! The food is broken down into pieces in the ducks gizzard.
  • Have you ever wondered how ducks float? Ducks are light compared to water. Their bones are hollow. Their feathers trap air next to their body, and they also have lungs and air sacs in their body that hold air.
  • A male duck is called a drake. Male and female Pekin ducks look the same, except the drake has 3 or 4 curly feathers on its tail. A baby duck is called a duckling. A group of ducks is called a flock.

When our Ducks visit you, watch as they drink from their water bowl and see how they use the water to clean themselves. Look at how they flap their wings, but be sure to keep an eye out, because if your lucky enough, you might even find a stray feather to keep!

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