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bridal_partyLARGE KINDIFARM DISPLAY: We bring out a lovely selection of farm animals including lambs, kids, a piglet, a calf, sheep and goats, chickens, duck and rabbits.

Activities: A wonderful opportunity to bottle-feed baby lambs, goats and a calf; hand feed goats and sheep; play with the piglet; and cuddle bunnies, ducks and chickens.

The pen: This 2 hr visit  involves 2 pens, one 3m x 3m and the other 2m x 2m, set up on a tarpaulin with  straw to prevent any mess.

wedding_squareMINI KINDIFARM DISPLAY: We bring a lamb or baby goat to bottle feed, rabbits, guinea pigs, baby chicks of different colours, a fluffy Chinese silky hen, and a duck or ducklings to hold and pat.

Also suitable for your bridal shower or engagement party!bridal shower


Llamas and Donkeys: Love llamas, alpacas or donkeys? We can even bring a unicorn!

We are based in Sydney. Travel fees apply to areas outside Sydney. Accounts are payable at least 2 weeks prior to the service. Customers with overdue accounts will be liable for Debt Recovery costs. A full refund is given should you need to cancel due to weather. Just notify us 4 hour prior.


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