Special Requests

Here at Kindifarm we recognise that we may not have the display to suit your specific event or needs but we are flexible enough to be able to customise this for you.

We can customise everything from the number of animals that attend the event or just the species. Holding a Peter rabbit Party and would like a herd of cute bunnies to attend? We can help you.

Maybe you are organising a wedding and would like some of our animal family to attend?

We are also available for filming or photography shoots.

As with all of our standard displays any special request has the option of including that something extra.

Don’t forget to ask about

Farmer Special: Enquire about our Farmer special today! This special demonstration is a unique package suited for large events. Our real life Farmer will come to your event with his working dog in tow. Our farmer will perform a whip cracking demonstration in a large open area- showcasing the different ways to crack a whip. Our farmer will also perform a sheep shearing demonstration where an entire sheep will be sheered to show how the farmers collect the wool used to make all our clothes.

Bottle feeding: Your event isn’t complete without bottle feeding a baby animal. At any time, we have numerous calves, lambs or kid goats that need their daily bottle. We will send along either a calf bottle or a couple of goat/sheep bottles depending who is due for their daily milk. Under the supervisions of our staffer, let everyone have a turn holding the bottle for a photo but you must act fast as our babies love their milk.

Extra staff member: If you feel your event may be large or crowded and you want to ensure that everyone gets a chance to hold or pat an animal perhaps you need an additional Kindifarm Educator to come along for the day

Add a Piglet: Adding a piglet is a fun way to add that little extra theming and avenue for education to any event. Hand feed our little piglets their favourite food and learn about one of the cleaner animals found in the farmyard.

With your Special requests don’t forget to ask about adding an educational talk delivered by one of our fun Kindifarm Educators. 


All our Special Requests are individually quoted.

How to book:

Booking is simple. Just head to the contact us page on our website and there you will find all the Kindifarm contact details.  Give us a call or send us an email with your special request and we will be happy to give you a quote.