Childcare Centres

Ella and the piglet

Having a visit from our interactive Kindifarm displays to your childcare centre is not only amazingly fun for the kids it is also educational.

Kindifarm suits all day care, vocational care, and every child caring situation.

Don’t worry about us, we will bring everything we need. From tarps to shade tents, plus everything we need for the animals. We also clean up afterwards, so no mess is left behind!

We need a space that is approximately 4m x5m to set up our display and easy, wide access to that space and somewhere close for the vehicle. But if space is an issue or if the weather isn’t cooperating, we can set up in a smaller space the size of a garage or carport.

With plenty to see hear touch and do, a Kindifarm display is an education for all the senses.

We offer two different styles of displays based on your requirements.

Kindifarm Visit

Is a 2 hour display where we bring one of our lovely calves, a sheep, a couple of goats. Some cute baby chickens, adult chickens and ducks and don’t forget about the huggable guinea pigs and rabbits.

This display is set up in two different pens.  Guests can feed and pat all the animals and under the supervision of two of our Kindifarm Educators they can even hold the little animals in their laps for photos. Hint the rabbits also like a good brush!

Mini Kindifarm Visit

Is a 1 hour display where we bring a couple woolly sheep or goats, those cute baby chicks, some adult chickens and ducks, and those ever active and huggable rabbits and guinea pigs.

Guests can feed and pat all the animals as well as under the supervision of our Kindifarm Educator hold the small animals on their laps.

This display is possible to do indoors but is preferred in an outdoor area.  

Our Kindifarm educators will also provide an educational message with the display which is developed off the Early Years Learning Framework using the animals the children see in front of them.  Don’t forget to ask our team when your book about our EYLF document to help you with follow up ideas.

How about something extra?

To make our display extra special or to customise it to your event we offer a range of additional options:

Bottle feeding: Your party isn’t complete without bottle feeding a baby animal. At any time, we have numerous calves, lambs or kid goats that need their daily bottle. We will send along either a calf bottle or a couple of goat/sheep bottles depending on who is due for their daily milk. Under the supervisions of our Kindifarm Educator/s, let everyone have a turn holding the bottle for a photo but you must act fast as our babies love their milk as much as the kids love their birthday cake.

Add a Piglet: What about a theme party? Adding a piglet is a fun way to add that little extra theming to a child’s party. Hand feed our little piglets their favourite food and learn about one of the cleaner animals found in the farmyard.

Extra staff member: If you feel your event may be large or crowded and you want to ensure that everyone gets a chance to hold or pat an animal perhaps you need an additional Kindifarm Educator to come along for the day.

Extra Hour: Perhaps our 1hr display is too short or maybe even our 2hr display is just not enough time to enjoy all the fun. We can add additional hours to any display as required.


Head to our pricing page to see the pricing of all of our great services. 

How to book:

Booking is simple. Just head to the booking page on our website and click which party you would prefer either a Kindifarm Visit or a Mini-Kindifarm Visit. Once you have chosen your selection don’t forget to click any of the additional add on’s you would prefer underneath. Fill in your details and the details of your party and our team will take care of the rest.