Frequently Asked Questions

What locations can Kindifarm visit?

Kindifarm can travel anywhere in the Sydney, Blue Mountain, Central Coast and South Coast Regions. However if you are thinking of having us in a public park, please get in touch with the local council of that park to obtain permission from them first.

As long as there is sufficient space and easy access for animals and equipment, we can set up anywhere outside.

What happens if it rains?

We bring a small marquee which is enough to provide cover for our animals but, it is not enough to provide shelter for children or adults attending. We are happy to come regardless of weather, if you have any undercover space we can set up there. Please see our terms and conditions page on our contact us page for further information regarding our cancellation policy.

What happens if I have to cancel for any reason, including COVID?

Please see our terms and conditions for information regarding our cancellation policy.

Does Kindifarm provide shade?

Yes, we bring a shade shelter to put over the pen for the animals. It doesn’t extend to cover the children, however any natural shade available is always appreciated in summer. If you have shade cover that can provide a nice shady spot for the children to sit under. The more shade the better.

What time will you be arriving to set up?

We arrive at least half an hour prior to set up for Mini Bookings, 45 minutes for the larger display that includes the calf.  If the event is 4 hours or longer, we arrive 1 hour prior.

Do we have to pay extra for travel?

Within the Central Coast region there is no additional costs for travel. For travel pricing outside this area can be found on our Pricing Page.

When and how do I pay?

We require payment in full 2 weeks prior to the event unless otherwise agreed in writing. You will receive an invoice which outlines the different methods of payment we offer. Customers can pay via direct deposit, or using AMEX/MC/VISA using our secure pay online system. Failure to pay your account by this date may result in Kindifarm not attending.  All invoices must be paid one week prior to the booking date.

Will Kindifarm staff mind all the children?

Our Kindifarm educators are not responsible for the care or supervision of children at any time. Our staff’s responsibility lies with ensuring that the welfare of our animals is maintained. We are responsible for ensuring both children and animals have a positive experience together. Any child who is not supervised by an adult to the satisfaction of the Kindifarm employee will not be allowed to participate in Kindifarm activities.

Will the animals bite?

Animal behaviour is unpredictable and there are inherent risks associated with handling and feeding animals; such as occasional scratches, bites and poops.

Will there be sheep shearing and whip cracking?

These activities are part of our Farmer Special display. Due to safety concerns this display requires a large open area.  If you are looking to book a Farm Special display you can add it on at booking to your main display or if you are looking to do this only please get in contact us with us directly to book a Special Request booking.

Can I hire hay bales?

Unfortunately, we don’t have room in our vehicles for extra hay bales. We suggest you buy straw, which is cheaper than hay, and probably what you are thinking of. They can be purchased from produce stores, or some large nurseries.

How many staff come?

Our displays include 1 or 2 Kindifarm Educators in each visit. In the description of our products under Services(Services Page) it can be seen which displays have 1 or 2 staff members coming. If you feel you will need additional staff to attend, you can also book an additional member.

How much space will I need?

For the majority of displays we need 3m x 5m to ensure that our display can be set up and have enough space to move around for people to pat animals.

Our larger Funday display requires 10m x 5m

For all of our displays we need vehicle parking close by and easy wide access to the display area. The vehicle should be able to be parked within 10m of the display being set up. Anything over 10m is considered a difficult set up and may increase display costs.  A helpful way to solve this problem is to have our display in your front yard rather than the back.

Which animals are coming?

Please see our Services page or click on the home page which type of event you would like to book. Under each heading is a description of the different type of displays including what animals will be coming.

What about pony rides?

No, we do not offer pony rides.

Can I hire just one animal?

For sure. Check our Special Requests page and head to our Contact Us page and get in touch with through the options provided.

Is Kindifarm available on the day I want?

We are available everyday of the year except Christmas day. Our bookings work on a first come first serve basis. So, book today to reserve your date.

  • Public Holiday booking will incur a surcharge.
  • All parties and corporate functions during December will incur a surcharge.

For more information on charges please see our Pricing page.

How do I book?

Booking is easy. For all standard events just head to our booking page. For any other event head to our Contact Us page and use the contact information to get in touch with us.

Where can I find Kindifarm’s terms and conditions?

Our term’s and conditions can be found on our Contact Us page.

I need to cancel or reschedule, what do I do?

Please make sure you read through the terms and conditions before rescheduling or cancelling so that you are fully aware of how rescheduling and cancellations fee work.  Terms and conditions can be found on our Contact Us page.