Aged Care

A Kindifarm visit brings many benefits to residents
Physical: Kindifarm staff see examples of residents who seemingly have a lot more control of their muscles than usual, when there is an opportunity to pat a lamb or feed pellets to a goat! The animals seem to be good motivation to use arm and hand muscles. Even if it is to hold a fist clenched tight so the animals can’t get the food!
Mental: Most residents have a story to tell about the farm animals they owned or visited in the past. The memories of animals are happy ones they love to re-tell.
Emotional: The antics the animals are a great conversation starter. Nearly everyone has something to say during, and for days after our visit. One centre films the Kindifarm visit, and replay it to the residents every morning. And every morning the residents watch it and laugh and laugh!
It is lovely watching chickens, rabbits, or even a piglet snuggling contentedly in a lap. Just as nice is the smile and contentment it brings to the residents face. An important opportunity for that resident to feel important and capable. Even those who say they don’t like animals, appear to find a  lot of enjoyment watching those who do choose to interact.
“We observed our residents’ faces brighten up when they interact with the animals. Pet therapy reduces feelings of hopelessness, boosts their activity levels and can also assist in physical, emotional and cognitive support.”

The latest research indicates reminiscing is particularly good for residents with dementia. Kindifarm started breaking new grounds in Diversional Therapy back in 1992 when we first took our farm animals to a nursing home.

“We were most impressed by the whole program and can’t think of any way to improve your service. Our farmer did an excellent job and all our residents have been talking about the animals ever since our visit. Thank you.”
– Adventist Retirement Village, Kings Langley

“The farmers were absolutely fantastic due to the way they constantly interacted with the residents even in conversation. Kindifarm was fantastic for the residents as it truly brought back many memories for them. It was an amazing day.” – St Basils Homes, Lakemba

Kindifarm  … was great. It was all good and a lot of fun.  The farmers were kind, helpful and very pleasant. – North Haven Nursing Home, Turramurra

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