Sheep and Lambs


Kindifarm sheep are some of the nicest around. They are very gentle with children, even when it’s feeding time. Have a feel of their big thick coat and look how clean the wool is against their skin.

The Kindifarm lambs love to be bottle fed milk from a bottle. Watch their cute little tails wiggle to show you how happy they are!

Interesting Sheep facts:

  • The female sheep is called a ‘ewe’
  • A male sheep is called a ‘ram’ or ‘buck’
  • Sheep do not have teeth in their upper jaw
  • A group of sheep is called a flock
  • Sheep have a split in their upper lip which allows them to select the preferred leaf off a plant.
  • Some sheep are dairy breeds. They are used for sheep milk, sheep milk yoghurt, and gourmet cheeses.
  • Sheep are animals over 1 year of age. Lambs are less than one year of age.
  • Wool wax or lanolin keeps sheep dry when it rains. When wool is made into yarn the wax is collected and sold as moisturising cream.
  • Some sheep have hair, not wool. Cute Damara lambs can look a lot like goats! (Lambs tails hang down, and goats tails stick up!)
  • Clothes made from wool will not burn, and stay cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • There are over 35 million sheep in NSW.
  • Merinos are the most common wool sheep in Australia, and are famous around the world for their wool.
  • Sheep say ‘baa’, goats say ‘maa’.
  • Sheep see in colour, but have poor eyesight. Sheep have very good hearing, and get scared by loud noises.
  • A lamb identifies her mother by her bleat.