Peppa Pig Party

pigBring your Peppa Pig Party to life with a REAL Kindifarm piglet!

Let us entertain the children for you, with animals and games for an hour of fun. A great introduction to farm animals, we provide a safe yet fun hands on encounter that will certainly make this party one to be remembered.



pigs04Activities and games: Pat and feed Peppa piglet. Hold the rabbits. Feed the duck. Play the Mud Puddles game. An hour of fun!

What we bring: We will bring Peppa pig, Rebecca and Richard rabbit and their friends to be fed. We will also bring food for the animals, antiseptic hand wash, a tarp to keep the ground clean, and of course our friendly Kindifarm staff! We will have a 1m x 1m pen for Peppa, and a 1m x 1m pen for the other animals. We arrive half an hour before to set-up.

Look for theming ideas on our Peppa Pig Party Pinterest Board. More information about birthday packages here.

Party Prices:
1 hour $484
1.5 hours $553 (includes face painting)
2 hours $539 (includes piglet, calf, sheep, goats, baby goats, baby lambs, duck, rabbits, baby chicks… the whole farm!)

  • If you are enquiring about pricing, please advise us here so we know not to make a booking just yet.

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