Where the Smiles Come to You

There’s nothing like a baby animal to put a smile on your face, and at Kindifarm, we get the pleasure of seeing those smiles every day. We’re so glad that we’re bringing so much happiness into the lives of the people we visit.

Smiles for the Animals; Smiles for You
Kindifarm is a wonderful place to work, as no two days are the same, and haven’t been ever since we started doing this back in 1992. Kindifarm was one of Australia’s first mobile animal farms, and was set up because there are many people who never get the chance to visit a real farm, especially those who live in urban areas. Why should all those people never experience the joy that interacting with animals can bring?

We are lucky enough to experience the pleasure of the people we visit, as we offer them something that is fun and educational. Many of our customers have never been so close to baby animals, and the looks of delight on their faces when they feed and pet them makes our job thoroughly rewarding.

The animals love it just as much as the humans, too! Our little crew includes piglets, lambs, calves, goats, baby chickens and ducks, rabbits, and guinea pigs. It may seem like an eclectic mix, but the one thing they all have in common is that they thrive on the attention!
holding piglet
A Wonderful Experience for All Ages
At Kindifarm, we’ve learned that there is no age limit for enjoying getting close to animals. We do plenty of work with schools, but we also visit BUPA aged care homes throughout Sydney. The smiles on the faces of the elderly residents as they feed the animals warms our hearts. The interactions become even more lovely when the residents invite their grandchildren or local preschool kids along; it’s quite amazing to see how young and old alike are enchanted by the animals, and the animals revel in the amount of affection they’re getting!

Read more about how we can bring a smile to your face with the article by Bupa Dental Insurance, ‘Put a Smile on your Dial: Fun Places to Go!‘ Animals can put a smile on every face, and we hope to spread a lot more happiness to both young and old.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want us to bring some your way!

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