A Kindifarm visit is Healthy for Children

Children love animals, and animals have health benefitsClick To TweetScientific proof that exposing children to farm animals can develop a healthy immune system!

Many studies have noted that children who grow up around farm animals are less likely to develop childhood diseases like asthma and eczema. However a recent study from the University of Eastern Finland digs deeper. It suggests that exposure to farm animals in early childhood may play an important role in increasing immunity.

The study compared children with exposure to farm animals, to urban children with exposure to cats and dogs. The results imply that introducing children to foreign but benign animal cells and animal-associated bacteria promotes optimal immune system regulation. It makes their bodies less likely to overreact to allergens. And less likely to confuse ‘self’ with ‘other’. This improved immune system modulation guards against chronic inflammation, and inappropriate or exaggerated immune response. It guards against the development of autoimmune conditions.

Most children love animals. This study along with many others, demonstrates this is something to be encouraged.


The doctoral dissertation of Heidi Kääriö, MSc, entitled The allergy and asthma protective effects of farm environment and pet animals – The role of immunomodulation is available for download at

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